Austin PF Photos - 2020

Winner of 2020 Best Overall Collection

Winner of Audience Favorite Award

Winner of Best Lighting for Image #1

Team Crop it Like it's Hot. Adam Kealing, Davina Kudish & Daniel Kudish

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Best Overall  Collection (and Audience Favorite Collection) - Team Crop it Like it's Hot


Most Cohesive Collection - Arrested on Horseback

Best Portrait - Team For Colin Creevey, Image #4


(dBest lighting - Team Crop it Like it's Hot - Image #1

(Check out the Background of this Selfie)

Most Impressive Editing -Team Arrested on Horseback

Image #5

(Another Dimension (Springdale and Govalle)

Most Humorous Photo - Team Buttery Thunder - Image #6

(Balancing Act)

Most Daring Photo - Team Golden Girls - Image #4


With a nod to their whole collection for their bravery of photographing a stranger they met at a bar!

The Clues, 1-8 

(all teams present clues in order, starting in the upper left hand corner:

1.) Check out the Background of this Selfie!

(must include all team members)


2.) A Strange Brew


3.) Found Text


4.) Doppleganger


5.) Another Dimension (at the corner of Springdale & Govalle)


6.) Balancing Act


7.) "Where's Waldo" a Team Member


8.) Keep Stairing

Winner of Most Cohesive Collection

Winner of Most Impressive Editing

Team Arrested on Horseback: Casey McCauley, Molly Mensch, Anna Nodolf & Skottie Young

Best Portrait - Image #4 - "Dopplegånger"

Team: For Colin Creevey

Kara Counard, Duy Ho & Dave Moss

Most Daring Image - Image #2 

(with a nod to the daring nature of their collection - meeting a stranger and photographing him) 

Team: Golden Girls

Jennifer Michelson & Lisa Stone

Most Humorous Image - Image #6 - "Balancing Act"

Team: Buttery Thunder

Lisa Hause, Lauren Slusher & John Winters

Team: REO Shutter Speed Wagon

Russell Edwards, Amy Little, Alexandrina Owen & Stephen Phillips

Team: Cinco Uteri

Kirsten Lewis Bethmann, Erin Griffith, Sam Hines, & Svatka Schneider

Team: I Can't Believe it's Not Shutter

Kyle Girgus & Cole Larsen

Team To Be Determined

Paul Gandy, Danny Klimetz, Tina Lau

& Julia Matthews, 

Team Respect the Moose

Deleigh Hermes, Lindsey Thorne

& Caroline Robert

Team: Fishsticks

Jacqueline Dersjant

& Robyn Navarro 

Team: Foto 48

Aylene Harding, Rob Kuzmicki, Cecilio Martinez

& Alex Ponce

Team: Eastside 

Will Bowling

& Alison Bryce

Photos - 2019

Overall 2019 Winning Team! Buffy Goodman, Ilana Natasha Bar-Av and Amandalynn Jones.

2019 Audience Favorite Award! Adam Kealing and Nathan Russell

Viewing Party at Austin Film Society Cinema

Kick-Off Party and Clue Reveal

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