Let's Have Some

Photo Fun

5 prompts,

2.5 days,

at your home.

March 30th-April 2nd

With judges Megan Allen, Jeff Newsome and Ilana Bar-Av

All ticket sales will go towards prizes!

March 30th • Monday

Online Clue Reveal Party!

12pm CDT

5 creative, home-based photo prompts will be revealed at our kick off 'party,' via Zoom meeting Monday March 30th at 12pm CDT.

Until April 1st • Shoot!

Submission Deadline - 7pm CDT on Wednesday,

April 1st. 

Create your 5 images based on the prompts. Points for creativity and inventiveness!  After you submit, the judges have a night to adjudicate while we wait for the deliberations. The tension!


April 2nd • Thursday

Screening & Awards

12pm CDT



Gather online to see all of the photos and hear who the judges have awards as winners! Cash prizes will be awarded for "Best Overall Collection," "Runner Up Collection" and some honorable mentions too! 

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