2020 JUDGES 

They're talented, they're smart, and fun. Thank you to our 2020 judges!


Running a photography community of thousands of the worlds most talented photographers must not be easy, but Huy does it with dedication and a smile.  Through Fearless Photographers, Huy unites a community of engaged photographers all over the world through enlightening conferences and workshops. He has also created the world's best-loved resource for matching discerning couples with their dream wedding photographer. As a photographer, Huy's images emphasized quirky, candid moments that constantly surprised his clients. Through education, inspiration, and community, Huy continues to share his belief in environmental responsibility and high-quality learning experiences with photographers around the world. 




Jenny Jimenez is a high-kicking, karaoke-singing, camera-slinging badass. A photographer, feminist and speaker from Seattle, Jenny began her career documenting the nightlife, music, and street beats for her city's alternative weeklies. Today she is one of Seattle's most celebrated editorial, lifestyle, portrait, and event photographers. Jenny champions self-expression, love, and laughing your ass off. She looks for the humor in life as well as the beauty and finds that they often go hand in hand. We are stoked to hear from Jenny at Photo Fantastico this January!





Inbal Sivan has a gallery labeled "Party" on her website. And if that's not enough for you, she has a gallery called "Party Hard." One glance at her work, and it's obvious that this Isreali-born ex-New Yorker is a connoisseur of fun. An insanely-talented wedding photographer, her images sparkle with joy and levity, belying her playful personality. We are thrilled to have Inbal judge Photo Fantastico 2020.


Thank you to our 2019 judges,

Kirsten Bethmann Lewis, Jonas Peterson

& Ryan C. Jones


A true believer that one should have as much fun in life as possible, Creative Director and professional photographer Olivia Vale envisions Photo Fantastico as the wilder cousin of sit-down conferences and workshops. She was part of a winning team in 2010 for a similar photo event in Vegas, and swears it was the most fun she's ever had in her life.

Ivana Coleman is a producer who creates live events and content. She was the lead producer for the Ready Player One VR activation at SXSW and was Executive Producer in partnership with the NY MoMA for “Ville Fantôme: Bodys Isek Kingelez" – a virtual reality art piece. A former Manager of Marketing and Business Development at Emblematic Group, Ivana resides in Austin, TX where she works as a consultant. 

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