The Prompts :   

 1.) worth repeating        

 2.) dreamscape         

3.) spot color         

4.) companionship            

5.) such great heights

All photos are presented in the same prompt order, 1-5.

Best Overall Collection 

Maike armstrong

Runners Up

Amandalynn jones

& stephanie kamstra

(runner up)

stephanie kamstra

Best-Of-Prompt Winners

Maike armstrong, amandalynn jones, amandalynn jones,

skyler reid & stephanie kamstra  

Audience Favorite

Lora Ambrose

November 2020 Entries

Alphebetically by first name

amy lebovics

adrienne harvey

Amandalynn jones

amy dangerfield

ashley spencer

bennie weeks

danielle rabbat

dawn ferragamo

erin griffith

erin ingraffia

Ilana Bar-av

joyce Chien