Photo fantastico


March 8th-March 12th

Rules and Guidelines for Virtual Photo Fantastico:

1.) Five photo prompts will be revealed at the online clue reveal on March 8th, at 12pm CST. Submission deadline for your images is March 11th, before 5pm CDT. The deadline, as many of you have discovered, is firm. That's what makes this fun!

2.) You may work solo, you may work with those in your household, incorporating kids/pets/roommates etc, or you may add one outside "additional" team-member do some editing (and ONLY editing) for your team remotely. We are not having teams at the moment, to keep things fair for those who are still under COVID restrictions.

3.) Every part of a composite image must be made during the contest.

4.) YES you can photoshop/edit/make otherworldly composites.


5.) The submission order of your photos should match the clue order for all teams; All slideshows (shown on March 12th at noon CDT) will present the photos in order of prompts 1-5, so, image 1 will be your opener, and image 5 your closer.

6.) PLEASE respect your local and state laws, and DO NOT engage in any outside activity that could put you or the public at risk of contracting COVID-19. All of these prompts are delightfully and conveniently home-based for your protection, and the public's protection. Will home-based clues still be fun? YES. Get ready.

7.) Keep in mind continuity and cohesiveness. The best collections hang together as a visual set; imagine seeing your 5 images in a gallery - do they look like they belong together? You may want to think about unifying visiaul elements, or even make a narrative story. 


- Submit your images by email by 5pm CST on March 11th.  Time limits are what make this contest work (and what make is so exciting!), so late submissions will absolutely not be allowed. We're serious about this.

- Submit all images as 3x2 horizontal photos. That means that if you have a vertical or square images, please place it on a 3x2 black or white background and flatten it. You can even create square images. Just please put them on a 3x2 background so we can place them easily.


- Name your images the same name, numbered 1-5, like this: GreenApple_01, GreenApple_02, etc. To correspond with the prompts.


- Resize your images to 2000 px on the longest side, compress them into a zipped folder, and wave goodbye and good-luck as you email to hello@photofantastico.com. We'll try to send you a "submission received" email as soon as we get your submission, but please email if you haven't received confirmation by 5:10pm.