Photo fantastico

July 20th-July 23th 2020

Rules and Guidelines for Virtual Photo Fantastico:

1.) You will be given 5 photo prompts at the online clue reveal on July 20th at 12pm CDT. You'll submit five photos, each based on a prompt, on July 22nd by 7pm CDT via email. More on that below!

2.) There are three ways to make a team: You may work 100% solo, you may work in your "home-pod" team, incorporating kids/pets/roommates etc, or you may add one outside "additional" team-member do some editing for your team remotely.

3.) YES you can photoshop/edit/make outlandish composites! Creativity is the name of the game! Go freaking wild. 

4.) ALL parts of each image must be made during the contest. This means that even if you're creating composite images, you have to create new images vs use ones you've already created. 

5.) The submission order of your photos should match the clue order; All slideshows will present the photos in order of prompts 1-5, so, image 1 will be your opener, and image 5 your closer.

6.) For this round, you may include an "Artist Statement" of 150 words. Simply include the text in the email you use to submit.

7.) PLEASE respect your local and state laws, and DO NOT engage in any outside activity that could put you or the public at risk of contracting COVID-19. You don't need to go outside to exercise your creativity!

8.) Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm! Your first idea is sometimes the best, but your 10th idea could be even better, so think up a bunch of ideas for each clue, right after the online clue reveal. The more ideas you generate, the stronger your final images will be!

9.) Keep in mind continuity and cohesiveness. The best collections hang together as a visual set, or make a narrative story. 


- Submit your images by email by 7pm CDT on July 22nd. This contest is so exciting *because* of the time limits, so late submissions ​will absolutely not be allowed. We're serious about this.

- Submit all images as 3x2 horizontal photos. That means that if you have a vertical or square images, please place it on a 3x2 black or white background and flatten it.

- Name your images the same name, but numbered 1-5, like this: GreenApple_01

- Resize your images to 2000 px on the longest side, compressed them into a zipped folder, and wave goodbye and good-luck as you email them to

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