photo by ashley spencer



Photo Fantastico

MARch 8th-March 12th


March 8th • Monday

Online Clue Reveal Party

12pm CST

Via Zoom Call - link will be emailed and posted.

Meet other participants from all over the world, and share the anticipation as the 5 prompts you'll be photographing are revealed!

Curious about the prompts? Check out the "Photos" pages for examples of our past prompts.


Mar. 8th-Mar. 11th

• Shooting!

Submission Deadline

5pm CST on March 11th

Budget your time wisely, and remember to leave plenty of wiggle room, since we don't accept images late (it's part of the fun, y'all!). We'll let you know how to submit via email. These 2 days will be chock-full of creative brainpower!

Mar. 12th • Friday

Screening & Awards

12pm CDT



This is the fun part! We'll meet up again in a Zoom party and watch everyone's Photo Fantastico images in a slideshow! We'll hear from our judges and award prizes too.  Ready to register? All of the $30 entry fees are pooled to our winners!